A new experience^^   2 comments

Someone told me I should have built up a blog online, I said, no way! Nobody would be intrested in my nagging esp things like daily trifles.

   When I got here, I knew I was wrong. This is more like a life album which will record your footprints as time goes by. Thus, here I am , in my own cyberspace:)

   My dear friends, no matter you are my friends in real life or not, you are all welcome to leave some footprints in my space and make my tiny world online more wonderful~



On a rainy day in Chengdu


Posted 2005/04/30 by Tian in Uncategorized

2 responses to “A new experience^^

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  1. 7 years have passed away since this first article, but youth has stayed there. Never change.

  2. 让我想想2005年4月30日我在干吗 🙂

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