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When you guys first read the topic, I bet you might think I just had a wonderful day today or things like that. Actually, I mean, literally, I ate a lot of fruit today. That is why I call today a "fruitfu"l day^^

     When I am in Beijing, Fruit on my daily list is always apples, oranges and bananas, how I wish I could taste more. And now I am having my vacation back home, I can sit there eating various types of fruit all the time, haha, I am just like a fruit worm that can never be fed full..hmm….. maybe I am a giant one^^

      See, I had like 2 kilograms of cherries today..and watermelon, oranges, pears..(don’t be surprised! That is me.. )I love fruit! There are tons of reasons why we should eat more fruit, thus live a healthier life!

An article for you to read: Healthy eating tips for healthy living


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  1. Haha, I like fruitful day too. Eating fruit is beneficial for girls\’ skin. So you should eat as many fruits as possible and then you will become most pretty and lovely:)

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