My Dog Rocks~   5 comments

My dad just bought a very cute little dog. He is called"duo duo". He is so active and naughty. He even sometimes bullies big fat dogs..LOL although he is tiny compared to those dogs. I like him a lot cos he adds lots of laughter to my family^^ Some pics of him..


Posted 2005/05/02 by Tian in 家庭

5 responses to “My Dog Rocks~

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  1. hehe,very lovely

  2. oh,i think it is an elvish and cool dog.

  3. Hi, Charming Daniel & Cute Nathalie,Oh, I didn\’t expect you guys would view my blog^^ Thanks for your comments anyway, please feel free to drop by any time~Candy^^

  4. Hi Candy!What a charming little dog – take good care of him!Look forward to seeing you when you get back to Beijing – have a lovely time at home in Chengdu.With best wishes,Daniel(+ Nathalie)

  5. hi!我是carolyn!无意中看到你的space,觉得好舒服,好自然,所以就留言了,呵呵!有空的话去我得space留言啊,呵呵!

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