Life back in Beijing   4 comments

I have been back for a couple of days, I am quite busy with lots of stuff, the most exciting thing is to assist my current boss to start a new company. I am so thankful to him for giving me this chance. I can have a lot of hands-on working experience from that I believe.

    I will try my best to do my job well^^


Posted 2005/05/11 by Tian in Life in a Style

4 responses to “Life back in Beijing

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  1. Very nice compliment! Now get back to work!!! 🙂

  2. 我刚刚工作的时候也是抱定这样的热忱,但是道路是长远的,社会是复杂的,保重!

  3. good for you!! what i concentrate on is much more boring than that….55

  4. Yeah,this experience will do good to u in later worklife.Now,the most important thing is to learn and enjoy u work.

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