God Loves me:)   3 comments

I was complaining about too much sunshine this morning when I got up… later on it rained, and then it was cloudy:) my prayer works;) God loves me 🙂 Haha~

Posted 2005/05/21 by Tian in Life in a Style

3 responses to “God Loves me:)

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  1. 哇!真的吗?我们是同一年出生,同一个星座,同一种血型,同一种信仰,真的好棒噢,听到这个消息真让人觉得兴奋,好开心呢!我想我们的性格应该会有很多相似的地方.很高兴能这么有缘认识你,希望有机会能成为好朋友!再次祝你一切顺利,天天心情sunny day!:)

  2. Wish you all the best! Please drop in my space whenever you have time~(^_^)

  3. Sunny、breeze and fine rain ,I think u have spent a good day.haha:)

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