watch SuperGirl tomorrow, can’t wait^^   2 comments

Recently, a topic often talked by young people on their  blogs, on BBS and on newspapers is a TV program called Super Girl -a singing contest.
   Contestants are all young girls aged 18-24, dynamic and cute.;) much debate is caused by fans of them on who is the best singer. Actually it is very hard to tell since they have different styles.
   For me I like Zhangliangying from Chengdu best, the reason is her voice can really touch my heart string, it is the voice which can lead you into the world of the song and make you feel like you are gonna smile her smile and cry her tears.I was impressed by her when she sang "remember me". Yes I will remember this girl and support her always as a big fan of her;)   

Posted 2005/07/28 by Tian in Non classé

2 responses to “watch SuperGirl tomorrow, can’t wait^^

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  1. 今晚我也看看。

  2. I like Liangying, too

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