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2 weeks has passed, I got used to my dorm life(In other words, back to normal life again^^). I get along well with my 3 cute roommies, and I feel not bad about the evironment & facilities of my dorm community though it is a little far away from campus and I gotta take the shuttle every day.
    But one thing annoys me or rather has been annoying me since power is never cut off at nights like in college, I never go to bed early..:( maybe I suffer from computer addiction, internet obsession or whatever.. This problem often happens to my roommies. We now can take control of our time freely but at the sacrifice of a good sleep. No way, we all agree that we cannot let this happen all the time, it is time to take action!
                                                                                                                                                    —– to be continued

Posted 2005/09/20 by Tian in Life in a Style

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