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FYI:I have been very laggard in updating my space:(
   I talked with my roommies trying to find out a solution for sleep issue. And someone came up with a very witty idea…..we all burst into laughter and decided to make a plan..
   I suggest that we unplug our internet cable at a certain time, and then we all get internet disconnection. But Juan in my dorm said how about others watching DVD in dorm? (hehe, I never get addicted to that luckily^^), afer some discussion we came to an agreement: 23:30 turn off the computer, and 24:00 go to bed! Those who break the rule will get fined and clean up the room for a whole week! ha..everyone agreed.The rules put into effect from the next day.
   The next day, before 23:30 we all turned off the computer except Juan.. ha definitely she would be the first person who got fined… she yelled please please spare me some more time… we all said No way jokingly but firmly. Feeling pretty hopeless, she threw out 1 kuai as the fine saying, ok I am willing to be fined. We all guffawed this time, feeling so satisfied, but  Min reminded her of another rule: go to bed before 24:00..haha.. and she was using the computer desperately.
   One thing sarcastic is that, she needed to prepare tape and scissors in order to post the bill onto the door, so it can remind her of her punishment everyday… thus she might not "follow the same old disastrous road" again….
   Aren’t we evil and cruel? Haha…from that day on, we all go to bed on time,BTW, Juan went to bed at ten last night and she asked as a "reward" if she could take back that one kuai, we all said No way again^^. So the billl is still on back of the door reminding everyone of the funny episode in dorm:)

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  1. oh my god shit~~you show your leadership everywhere….:))) and that is the character of scorpio?! and what amazed me is that you have set the rule of when to switch off the internet and go to bed. i have done such kind of things as well. you are another Michael if you were a boy~~~

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