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有人说这个怎么象女总统就职演说……汗  哈哈


The world’s greatest force is the power of choice.

While I may not always have control over events and issues in my life, I always have the power to choose my response and my attitude.

I should make decisions with confidence and unwavering trust in our own wisdom. I should value my own opinion, trust my own decision. If I am in trouble, I will take a moment to remember that I have the ability to make choices. This ability can never be taken away.

I choose to stand in my own power, and never hand it over to someone else.

Today, I make a choice to change my life!

Today, I make a choice to show my best!

Today, I make a choice to be successful!










Posted 2006/02/24 by Tian in Life in a Style

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