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Ready Go!   7 comments


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An End, A start   5 comments

I have never been as busy as now since various "vital trifles" hit on me at the same time, which I just couldn’t handle but I tried to. I am so exhausted that I just wanna to throw all the stuff behind and  do what I like to do.
    Let me call it a day to those trifles.
    My start:
    I will focus on my own stuff and be well prepared for my trip to Turkey.
    New Start, there you go~

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忙碌中的清闲   6 comments

也就是现在了 听着几首非常舒缓的音乐,My ocean, Running, I could be the one, Running in the rain

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愚人节的流水账   8 comments

    晚上为导师会议准备,糊了几百个信封和地址……简直苦力啊,5555 想当年糊一个怎么都得2分钱那,现在一分都木有……手都麻了,以后写简历一定要加上一条:糊信封技术熟练,一分钟可达50个……

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愚人节快乐~   6 comments

今天是愚人节,昨晚Mix真是High,早上懒洋洋醒来开机就收到了几条恶搞短信,哈哈 不知道今天还会被捉弄几次:)
Happy April Fool’s Day:)

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