An End, A start   5 comments

I have never been as busy as now since various "vital trifles" hit on me at the same time, which I just couldn’t handle but I tried to. I am so exhausted that I just wanna to throw all the stuff behind and  do what I like to do.
    Let me call it a day to those trifles.
    My start:
    I will focus on my own stuff and be well prepared for my trip to Turkey.
    New Start, there you go~

Posted 2006/04/11 by Tian in Life in a Style

5 responses to “An End, A start

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  1. 看你的生活越来越充实了,真好,呵呵,不过,忙归忙,一定要注意好好照顾自己哦

  2. 对自己好一些吧,都不容易,很多时候80和100是一样的,都是5分。

  3. 又去turkey啊~爽啊,admire,都是胖子没告诉我,不然我也报名,55555

  4. My first time to come here~
    so nice a place! especially like your explanation for CANDY…
    and so many pps… zan a zan ~~~~~~~~
    hehe added here to my list, I\’ll be a frequent guest here

  5. 路过,进来踩踩!呵呵。TRIP TO Turkey,WONDERFUL PLACE!

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