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Today I went back to Microsoft ATC for the closing ceremony of a series of activities I planned. It was the first winedown held for interns.It was supposed to be fun and it was.
    I didn’t have the chance to organize this winedown before I checked out, but intern committee invited me back to attend it, I was so happy to go back to Microsoft on such a special day- Thanksgiving Day.
    Well…. as usual, I was running late, and I msged on the way to Forrest in my team and some other friends in ATC  saying I will be at 2nd floor lounge and hoped to meet them there. To my surprise, when I was there, I saw the whole team I worked with. Knowing I would be back, they come to see me (maybe they just came for fruit and cakes…haha, I ‘d rather take the former reason^_^)I was so proud of walking in with them since the whole team attended an intern activity with me, and no other teams were doing that. How lucky I was to be in Casual Games Team.
     To my surprise, I was awarded" The outstanding organizing prize" with the signature from Managing Director for planning the whole activity. When I was on the stage saying something, I was so excited, I thanked my team and my mentor for what they did for me,  thanked Microsoft for giving me such a wonderful internship experience in life and thanked all friends I made in ATC(well…. it sounds a little bit like winning a music /movie award saying, Oh thank CCTV, Thank Channel V and thank my director…bla bla bla….but when someone is over excited, I guess that would be the only thing he could say… at least for me, yes…haha)
     It was so meaningful to go back to ATC and give thanks on thanksgiving day. Oh by the way, cakes and fruit were GREAT on the winedown…hehehe…

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9 responses to “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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  1. nice ~ cong cong~ =)

  2. happy thanksgiving^^

  3. to MissDisney: MS有很多黑话 这个意思就是每个月一次的酒会

  4. 谢谢cctv 谢谢mtv
    btw winedown是什么意思?

  5. 熠熠生辉的人生,绚丽夺目的光彩

  6. I forced them to go, haha

  7. happy thanksgiving

  8. Oh by the way, cakes and fruit were GREAT on the winedown…hehehe…
    the last is the important,hiahia   eat, eat,and eat
    happy everyday!~

  9. sofa, 节日快乐!

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