A Happy Ending   30 comments

Never thought Microsoft will accept my request.
Never thought I could come back to work with Microsoft after my study in France
Yes, this is true, and this happens in Microsoft!
I wanna say, Microsoft is a GREAT company, and I love this company!!!
So you might guess out the result:)
Be a CDI student for one year
and then be a Microsoft citizen:)
Of course I will keep my commitment to Microsoft.
Paris Dream, Microsoft dream, here I come~

Posted 2006/12/21 by Tian in My Life My Joy

30 responses to “A Happy Ending

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  1. to Flora:真激动啊  一下子发了将近15条comments:)

  2. wow~~ sorry i have no know ledge ms atc games development… could you enlighten me…?
    why start august 2008? after you study at france? then how about those training pictures…?

  3. which location? which division? title..?
    i\’m going to work for msft, redmond, x-box team as an SDE/T, starting at july.

  4. 呵呵,恭喜

  5. sorry darling, I dont know why it\’s coming like this,,,,,,,,,,,, so sorry, pls delete ;P

  6. really great for you to get this deal finally! cong, honey, u deserve it! =)

  7. 爽人,恭喜了!

  8. MErry xMAS~

  9. 不是微软伟大,而是它占了便宜:原本是招了个工程师,现在是预订了一个MBA。

  10. "I can play"! ——  火箭队巴蒂尔给匹克广告的广告词!

  11. Maybe you should stand toward the Sigma Builing, shouting like Ballmer: I love this company!!
    Hey, Merry Christmas!!

  12. 又一个新的台阶,祝贺!

  13. 真好呀

  14. 恭喜加祝贺了!呵呵

  15. rio, 这个姐姐绑对了,哈哈,回去找你请客。。。

  16. 牛啊,cong!

  17. Perfect!

  18. congs!

  19. con!

  20. Haha..when will you come to Europe?? Come to see me then…

  21. 🙂 great!

  22. Con! haha

  23. Hehe,非常完美的结局!祝福candy赢得了这么一种宝贵的经历^o^

  24. strong cong!!!

  25. 看来只好再请一顿饭了

  26. 开心开心同开心~~就要有人可以从法国给我带好东东啦!

  27. 喜恭喜恭!

  28. 祝贺!!! :)

  29. 恭喜恭喜!

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