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今天闲来无事,把以前朋友们寄给我的明信片翻出来看了一遍,I have more than 40 postcards. And a lot new cards from Holland, Hungary, Croatia, Malta, Dubai, Northen Ireland, NYC, Wisconsin….It was quite fun to look at them again.
I let my mind do the walking, and I feasted my eyes on sceneries around the world, I did a wonderful trip:)
Hopefully soon I will visit those places in person or get more postcards^_^
Date        Location
00.12.21 Iowa, USA
01.02.19 UFA, Russia
01.6.8     Moscow, Russia
03.10.24 Oklahoma, USA
04.5.24   Big Ben, London, UK
04.12.31 New Orlean, USA
05.3.30   Paris,France
05.10.21 Stockholm, Sweden
05.10.31 Helsinki, Finland
05.12.13 St.Peter’s Basilica, Vatican
05.12.21 Venice, Italy
05.12.23 Barcelona, Spain
06.01.9   Roma, Italy
06.01.17 Clock Tower, London, UK
06.02.28 Winter Olympics, Torino, Italy
06.04.23 Istanbul, Turkey
06.06.06 MIT,Boston, USA
06.06.09 Heidelberg in winter, Germany
06.06.29 Monaco, Monte-Carlo, France
06.06.29 Nice, France
06.06.23 Paris, rue Saint Eleutbere
06.06.27 Sunflower,Province, France
06.06.27 Lavender, Province, France
06.06.30 Cannes, France
06.06.30 London, UK
06.08.5   Granada, Spain
06.08.14 九寨沟
06.08.18 San Francisco, USA
06.08.11 云南丽江玉龙雪山
06.08.23 青海西宁
06.08.25 青海塔尔寺
06.09.28 Casa Batllo, Gaudi, Barcelona
06.09.27 Bayon Faces, Cambodia
06.09.30 青海湖畔
06.10.21 Mochima, Venezuela
06.10.21 Los Roques Island, Venezuela
06.10.23 North Carolina Univ, USA
06.10.5 Hanoi,Vietnam
06.11.15 Vancouver, Canada
06.12.20 Manila, Philippines
06.12.22 New York, USA
07.1.25 Morning Fog on San Francisco bay, San Francisco, USA
07.2.1 Singapore
07.2.4 大足石刻
Special thanks to my dearest buddies(排名不分先后):
Chen Ao, Lilian, Rex, QingQing, Yonggang, Sean Shi, Shu, Flora, Florie, Richard Li, Ida, Sun Yu, Mulan, Duke, Alex, Jessica, Sun Yuguang

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8 responses to “Look at this trove…细数家珍

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  1. to prince:看倒数第二个拉。。。猪头^_^

  2. 我给你寄的post card有收到吗???

  3. 哈哈,榜上有名:)

  4. You go girl!

  5. to MissDisney:小笨笨 是在UK啊^_^

  6. 我都忘了我是在哪里寄的了呀

  7. 田恬效率真高啊,飘扬一个!

  8. 没收到我从西藏给你寄的吗??真可惜啊~~!

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