Light a candle for her…   18 comments

Things happened so unexpectedly
She left me so soon,
The one I grow up with..
The one I love so much..
I can’t hold my tears everytime I think of her..
But I know, she doesn’t want to see me like that,

She wants me to be strong and to cherish what I have now
And she is still watching me with a smile from heaven
Thus, I light a candle in Notre Dame with my prayers
Hoping she feels joy, love and peace up there…


September 02



light a candle... IMG_4245s


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18 responses to “Light a candle for her…

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  1. 多保重, 

  2. 多保重, 

  3. 多保重, 

  4. Be strong! 

  5. 我们现在能做的,就是要时时刻刻记住她们对我们的好,无论是在悲伤还是欢乐的时候….

  6. 化悲痛为力量吧,好好的干好这一年,就算是为她献上一束鲜花吧 

  7. 振作起来,化思念为力量 

  8. Be strong and brave. She will be proud of you.

  9. The smile is forever in heart~~~

  10. bless…
    to be strong 

  11. bless…

  12. Bless for her 

  13. bless… 多保重,多陪陪母亲… 

  14. bless…

  15. Bless for her~~~~
    Be strong to get through this sadness……

  16. Bless…
    anyway…  take care.

  17. bless~~有些怀念是一辈子的,因为想起来的时候总能给你温暖和力量
    不要难过哦,要开开心心的继续做个甜妮儿 ^^

  18. 确实很突然 555 不知道咋说好 你在那边多保重 恩
    Light a candle for her too

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