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25 things you might wanna know about me…=)
This is a game that starts not long ago among friends, the one just needs to write down 25 random things about himself and pass the email along.

Here I would like to use this page to let you know a little bit about me.

1. I was born in Chengdu, a pleasant town in Southwest China.
2. I started to learn painting when I was 4 years old, yet somehow had to give it up when I was in high school. Now the only thing that might remain in me is my appreciation in beauty, both naturally and artificially.
3.I was never a good student when in primary school, I always talked too much in class and did really bad in maths. But I managed to be better and better in high school, college and then grad school.
4. My very first journey took place when I was 4, when my mom was on business trip to Guangzhou, at the last minute, she decided to take me with her, so with no clothes packed, I started my first trip by train.
5. I travelled a lot with my mom when I was young, I have been to many places and I really enjoyed the feeling of being in another place and explore different things.
6. I set my foot on foreign land in Jan 2006 and my first destination abroad was Malta..haha! Strange enough, why chose Malta? It is just because of a student event there. So I had my wonderful week there and my curiosity of the world ever grew.
7. I started playing with camera gear in 2004, my first pocket camera is Canon IXUS 430, which is a very good one and it is still in use by my cousin.
8. I can sleep anytime in a day, that is why I have no jetlag issue most of the time.
9. My worst habbit is to bite fingernails..Don’t know yet how to get rid of that habit..
10. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was young, but then I realized I had to be really good in Physics, Maths & everything… I decided to be a painter… but still.. I couldn’t realize my childhood dream easily now..

11. I am really lousy at maths, when I was in grade one in primary school, I got 89 points in Maths whereas the whole class of students got either 100 or 99…My bad maths seems to last forever…

12. I don’t like eating chocolate or drinking coffee. neither wine…and I always stick to my chinese eating style even if I have been living in Europe for 3 years….

13. Of all the colors in nature, I love blue most! Blue is the most msyterious & refreshing color to me! The sky, the ocean….which are of blue color, making me feel relaxed!Hey, who invented the expression “feeling blue=feeling down”? It should be “feeling blue= feeling high”!;)

14. I try not to be an ”outman’ for new things & new tools, so I have weibo, diandian.com, G+ and all sorts of SNS user accounts.. but I ended up having no time to take care of each.Weibo makes people write less and less about their stories and people nowadays are quite busy to read what others write as well.. despite of this fact, I decided to keep my blog up-to-date as much as I can, not for others, it might be for  the only audience in the future–myself;)

15. I love planting things, my recent hobby is to take care of my garden and make it full of flowers:)

I will continue when I have time:)
Feel free to share with me your little 25 things about yourself


Posted 2010/10/06 by Tian

14 responses to “Sweet about Me

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  1. Hahaha, still 10 things are missing 😛

  2. 问候意大利

  3. Jesus Christ, allow me to no dangding a little bit. I feel so lucky to read this part, making me to know you much better, beyond your appealing pictures and beautiful sentence. I share more and more common hobbies with you.

    It is so cute that you like biting nails, the same cute habitat as my best friend.
    It makes more sense why you are travelling queen when I knew you embarked your first trip at 4 years old!!!!! when i hadn’t gotten my memory.
    I love blue too, the most consoling colour in the world.

    I’ve always had a dream of having a garden of my own, with all the colourful flowers in full blossom. Can you hire me as your gardener? I can offer free work~

    It seemed that I am better at maths than you 😛 But how come you are so good at info management whilst you are not so strong at maths? I doubt you are a perfectionst 😛

    When I was a kid, I wished to be a peasant when I grew up, a very goal-less ambition that I still aspire today 🙂 Maybe I can realize it when I retired~

    I like to talk with a sincere and generous friend like you.

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  5. Very useful post. It was very useful. I was searching exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more such useful posts.

  6. 向你学习过英语(所以才能看懂这个)和高数的人 不认为你的数学不好:)甚至想不到你有任何缺点:(

  7. 这是一个什么意思的内容?我英文no good 看不明白,嘻嘻

  8. 这照片是你小时候吗?你不喜欢巧克力和咖啡?太不可思议了,还有葡萄酒,这些都是我的大爱啊!

  9. 这个游戏有点意思,有空了我也写写:)

  10. 新家好美啊。

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