My Footprints   12 comments

Journeys make me think
and the more that I see
the more I straighten out things in my head.
And some of the lights and colours
places &people
etch themselves into my memory for ever.
These things are precious:
nobody can take them away;
they are what my mind is built from.

  1. Chengdu, China



Posted 2010/10/08 by Tian

12 responses to “My Footprints

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  1. 非常期待您的新博文。

  2. 感谢你的分享。很喜欢你。

  3. 请问你是成都的么?

  4. 好喜欢你的blog的感觉!

  5. 地图上的标示都是你去过的地方吗?

  6. 你才是真正的爱好旅行啊,以后慢慢来拜读你以前的游记。。。

  7. 做一个我那样的更好玩 🙂

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