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I lost my ring   4 comments

It is weird though… how can I lose my ring on my finger?
I cherish it so much cos it is my 20th birthday gift from my mom….hope I can find it soon…

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watch SuperGirl tomorrow, can’t wait^^   2 comments

Recently, a topic often talked by young people on their  blogs, on BBS and on newspapers is a TV program called Super Girl -a singing contest.
   Contestants are all young girls aged 18-24, dynamic and cute.;) much debate is caused by fans of them on who is the best singer. Actually it is very hard to tell since they have different styles.
   For me I like Zhangliangying from Chengdu best, the reason is her voice can really touch my heart string, it is the voice which can lead you into the world of the song and make you feel like you are gonna smile her smile and cry her tears.I was impressed by her when she sang "remember me". Yes I will remember this girl and support her always as a big fan of her;)   

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今天学到的英语   1 comment

今天走在路上,看见一个岔路口,老板问我:which way to go?我不加思索的就说道:I am ok with both.
他笑着说,你的意思是把两条都走了?我说不是啊?他说那应该说是I am OK with either / Both ways are OK for me.脸红啊 学了那么久的英语,这么简单的话一到嘴边就出错,以后要多加强练习了。

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受刺激了   5 comments

老板最近先后买了第二台super cool的电脑,和一台45寸等离子电视,还有一套家庭影院,去买都不带挑的,看好哪个就买哪个,55,已经拥有3台笔记本,2个ipod,一个台式了,还猛买……好有钱啊,受刺激了,发誓以后要做有钱人啊~哼哼

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教你如何升级Hotmail信箱到250M   1 comment

不敢独享,立即拿出来与大家分享。 只需三步,请跟我来~~


0—> 点击页面右上部的"选项"连接,选择左侧的"个人"菜单
1—> 出现"个人选项"页面 —> 点击"我的档案文件"
2—> 出现"编辑 .NET Passport 档案文件"页面,做如下修改:
   a) 将"国家(地区)" 修改成 "美国"【等候页面自动更新….然后才能进行–>(b)】
   b) 将"州" 修改成 "Florida"
   c) 将"邮政编码" 修改成 "33332"
   d) 将"出生日期" 修改成 1987年以前的任一日期
3—> 出现"您的档案文件已更新"页面,第一步完成!


1—> 出现"请与 Hotmail 联系"页面 —> 点击"与Hotmail联系"按钮
2—> 出现"关闭帐户"页面 —> 点击"关闭帐户"按钮
3—> 出现"确认关闭帐户"页面 —> 关闭帐户成功!第二步完成!


1—> 出现"祝贺您!"页面 —> 点击"激活帐户"按钮
2—> 出现"MSN 网站使用条款和通告"页面 —> 点击"我接受"按钮
3—> 出现"现在可以在 Hotmail 内发送即时消息了"页面 —> 点击"继续"按钮

恭喜!恭喜!您的邮箱现在是不是变成 25M 了?哈哈!

再过一段时间以后,您的邮箱就会自动变成 250M 了!!


   将"国家(地区)" 改回"中国",这样不会影响你已经获得的25M容量,


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A day that cannot be erased from my memory..   Leave a comment

First time in my life, I attended a funeral. Seeing her peaceful sleeping face, I burst into tears..
I do hope she’ll be happy in another world….

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Keep Praying   2 comments

Tonight my mom called me saying my aunt’s situation is gettin worse, I felt so bad.Things always happen unexpectedly.I’ve booked the ticket and will fly back soon, hope things will be under control…
for those who read this, can you pray for my family? I will keep my fingers crossed..
Let God have all your worries and cares, for he is  always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.
                                                           1 Peter 5:7 TLB

Posted 2005/07/08 by Tian in Life in a Style