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学车日记4   5 comments


1. 倒车,停车,周边来车或者有路人,都需要停下来让对方先过,然后再进行。上几次练习周围没人,所以没太涉及,考试时间点可能学生放学,所以必须注意。此外往后倒转身看车后情况,不能只依靠后视镜

2. 当老师或者考官说停在路边安全位置时,一般要过了路口5米找个rising kerb位置停下来,不可以停在人家家门口的driveway出口 low kerb处,考试中会遇到3-4次,必须注意。此外停车注意observe不能忘,及时减速,刹车缓慢温柔。

3. 在某些很窄路段,要先注意是谁让行谁,如果没有明确指示,是谁先approach路口谁先走,另一方等待。在上升路面,需减速,尤其是那种小桥,1档缓慢爬升,然后试探着过桥,不可过快。

4. 坡道起步和停车多用刹车,然后油门和离合控制在biting point,启动速度要快,然后换入2档

5. 避让对面驶来的大车,一定不能把车开上人行道,我今天就犯错了,差点被教练骂S-_-


7. 注意识别地面路标,比起前几天有进步,但是还得加强,尤其复杂路段,换道,熟悉Cannock, Utoxtter的走法,如何换道,什么时候换道,搞清楚!

今天新练习的Parallel parking,现在把攻略先记下来,明天练习时多加注意:


2. 一直开到左侧后视镜到达路边车的尾部,两者在同一水平线上,迅速打回那3/4的角度,继续缓慢后退。




保持水平,相信下周五考试会一举通过 yeah!

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Smiles from Heaven…   3 comments

You’ve been away from me for one year till now, are you enjoying yourself there?
I know, it is my life-long pity that I didn’t make it to see you for the last minute.
I feel so guilty..
I  am thinking of you all the time, auntie..
Sometimes I dream of you, I cry to wake up, things are so real…
Sometimes I smile, cos it seems that you tell me in dream you are fine there…
I want you to watch me from heaven. to know I am doing great and I am your best niece for ever!

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Ready Go!   7 comments


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10M LAN testing   Leave a comment

So weird, I can’t even open hotmail….No better than ADSL at this point:(

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快点好啊~   Leave a comment


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“The Apprentice” Joke:)   Leave a comment

      Today, my boss sent me a link of news saying: Trump Producing Chinese ‘Apprentice’ . The Apprentice is a very popular American TV show about how a group of people  compete for one position in Trump’s big big company. It tells us a lot about business skills and interpersonal skills.
      Steve  is always a big fan of this TV show and wants to have a similar program in CCTV-9, ha! And today he said to me on msn, if he can do that, then I will be his eyes and ears, I was laughing cos this phrase is often said by Trump to candidates when he introduces his two assistants, who will be watching candidates’ performance during the process for him. I replied: maybe i could be your eyes and Ham would be your ears..      
     Note: Ham is my high school classmate and he is a very smart student from Tsinghua. We both work for Steve.
     When my boss heard this, he said, maybe Ham will be my stomach! You know what? Ham has a huuuge appetite! How bad he is to make fun of poor Ham, haha!
This is the news on yahoo about the chinese version "Apprentice" from Yahoo!
Communist mainland China will soon have its own version of "The Apprentice" — Donald Trump’s reality TV tribute to capitalism.

Trump will be the executive producer of the Chinese show, which will be hosted by Beijing property mogul Pan Shiyi, the South China Morning Post newspaper reported Sunday.

The newspaper said China’s version would closely follow the U.S. original, in which contestants compete for a job with Trump. Details of the deal are under negotiation.

The show will run in direct competition with "Wise Man Takes All" — which was inspired by "The Apprentice" and backed by Trump’s business partner, Vincent Lo Hong-sui. That show offers a cash prize of about $123,400.

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I lost my ring   4 comments

It is weird though… how can I lose my ring on my finger?
I cherish it so much cos it is my 20th birthday gift from my mom….hope I can find it soon…

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