Smiles from Heaven…   3 comments

You’ve been away from me for one year till now, are you enjoying yourself there?
I know, it is my life-long pity that I didn’t make it to see you for the last minute.
I feel so guilty..
I  am thinking of you all the time, auntie..
Sometimes I dream of you, I cry to wake up, things are so real…
Sometimes I smile, cos it seems that you tell me in dream you are fine there…
I want you to watch me from heaven. to know I am doing great and I am your best niece for ever!

Posted 2006/07/10 by Tian in Non classé

3 responses to “Smiles from Heaven…

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  1. Dream is a virtual place in which let the one who loves u to see u. Isn\’t it clear that she doesn\’t blame u, she still loves u and she is blessing u?  Be happy my dear, this is the only way that makes ur aunt happy in the heaven.

  2. bless & cmf.
    u should smell and happy for every day.
    we and she will glad to see that.

  3. absolutely u r her best niece
    I believe she can see u and hear u from the heaven
    and I also believe she is leading a happy heaven life for the reason of u!
    god bless her!!

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